dinsdag, november 28


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Welcome to the website of ‘Edukey for Kids’.

Edukey For Kids is a non-profit, Christian-based organisation without political affiliations. It is founded to provide Education and basic needs to children that are less privileged, living on the street or that are vulnerable in some other way.

My name is Peter F. Muganda, and I was born in Uganda. I am married to Tineke Heijerman-Muganda and we have two daughters. Holland is now my home, but I travel to Uganda a lot and now, with this dream to uplift the lives of needy children in my motherland, I will go there even more often. I would like to share something about my personal life with you.

               When I was a little boy, I lost both of my parents. As you can imagine, life became quite difficult for me and my younger siblings, but because of God’s grace, I got help at a Christian children’s home where me and other children were taken care of. Despite the care and all the provisions that I got in the home, I still missed someone that wanted to listen to me and specifically advise me or tell me how I could deal with certain happenings in my life. As I grew older, I learned how hard life can be to parentless children like myself. Many people helped me through these hard times. I guess that that is why I want to help other kids too, that face the same tough times as I did. I am committed to doing good too, for the children that are still in need in the communities of Uganda. I have got so many good memories from the children’s home, but the one thing I consider most valuable, was my education – even though I never made it to the higher institution as I had wished. Education is the key to the development of the new generation, hence the name of our organisation: Edukey for Kids.

Personally, I have always been carrying a vision to find and develop means to help vulnerable children – especially those living in developing countries like Uganda, where I was born and raised under the harsh and poor conditions that a lot of these children live in. Although there are, as we speak, many other organisations providing for and taking care of some of the groups mentioned above, we realise that there is still a need for small organisations like ours – that are close to and within these communities – to make a tremendous difference. To fulfil this big dream that I, as the founder of Edukey For Kids, have, a specific approach has to be put in place. We do not want an approach whereby children remain dependent on the organisation that has helped them up to a certain age. We tend to apply a different approach. The children that we help, will go to school, learn skills and are given room so that their ideas and dreams can be considered and honoured. By doing so, we believe that we will create an innovative generation that can come up with ideas that will help them out of their poverty. I believe that if no change is being made, the chronic poverty that these kids grew up in, will never be terminated. I have seen many kids who grew up like this, who still need help, even at their older age.

Education is the most important foundation for any child, however educating children is not accessible everywhere. Many children, especially in the poor area’s of less developed countries, are not going to school. They lack money to pay for the school fees or can not afford to buy the uniforms or books.

“Edukey for Kids’wants to give children in Uganda a chance to go to school, to give them the opportunity to have a future, a job, an independent life. Many children are talented and such talents should not get lost.

“Edukeyforkids” aims to provide food and high standard education to poor children. These could be means to break the cycle of poverty that the children – and often their (grand)parents as well – were born in. A well-educated child will eventually be able to manage his or her life and, more importantly, to be innovative and contribute to better living conditions for their own communities. By making sure that this generation of children gets an education, I believe the chain of poverty in our societies could be broken. I realise my dream is ambitious, but I believe that with the help of many people, like yourself, we can make this difference.

We hope you will help us to make this possible.

Thank you.